Custom Senior Care Package (We are your Downsizing Experts!)

Everything Organized BrochureEverything Organized* specializes in Custom Senior Care Packages.  Our customized services are for seniors who want to transition from their family home but do not want to burden their family or friends with such an overwhelming task.

Everything Organized* helps seniors maintain their independence while honoring their memories and feelings. We know this can be a challenging time filled with mixed emotions.

We have had a phenomenal response to our program not only from our senior clients, but from the adult children of our clients as well. We don’t judge. We care. We assess the situation and perform a unique service that makes life simple for seniors and their families. 

Everything Organized* takes a team approach with every client.  While each project is customized, they usually have the same 4 components - it's just the "time required to complete" that varies...

  1. Downsizing: Our team of Professional Organizers will review every item with our client.  We provide support through the decision making process and guide our clients toward making realistic decisions.
  2. Transition/Relocation: We understand that relocating can be overwhelming not only for our client, but for their families as well.  This is why we guarantee our clients new home to be completely set up within 12 hours on moving day.  We take care of every detail from communicating with the lifestyle managers to hanging your artwork.  Our goal is to make your life simple.
  3. Estate Sale: Our goal is to put more money in your jeans!  We know that you can't take everything with you to your new home, so we sell it on your behalf.  Every penny  made from your Estate Sale goes towards your invoice.
  4. Real Estate Ready Service: It is our job to make your home sparkle in comparison to others on the real estate market.  No more needs to be said! 

As your home is being downsized, we are also packing your treasures.  We then relocate you to your new home and completely set up your new home within 12 hours *.  We then return to your previous residence and prepare the remaining items for the estate sale.  

After the estate sale, we get busy with good old fashioned "elbow grease" making your house shine.

Call today for your free** comprehensive estimate and to see how our services add value to your property and peace of mind for you. 1-877-578-7601

* Up to 850 square feet.

** Free on-site estimations are restricted to clients residing within city limits.




My parents are in their mid eighties and were living on their own. My mother had had series of strokes and my father was doing most of the chores while maintaining their independence. Without any warning, he had a heart attack and was in the hospital and we had no idea when he would get out. Mom couldn’t stay on her own and my sister and I both live in different towns from our parents. A bit overwhelming. The good news – the lawyer, the community health nurses, the seniors advocates were very helpful, but they all kept mentioning Everything Organized. Kim and her awesome crew helped Mom and Dad downsize their home of 45 years, sell off/donate the items they didn’t need and move into their new seniors apartment. And when I say move into their new apartment, I mean Mom and Dad spent a night in a hotel while Everything Organized moved and setup their new home; pictures hung on the walls, kitchen setup, beds made, they even put up Christmas decorations. Without Everything Organized we would still be sorting through 45 years worth of stuff and instead Mom and Dad’s house is sold and they love their new home.


My husband and I recently hired Kim’s company to move my elderly uncle from his condo in Aberdeen to the Kamloops Seniors Village. My uncle, who was just short of his 95th birthday at the time, was not relishing another move as he had re-located to Kamloops from his home in Vernon just 18 months previous. In addition to this, my uncle had always been very particular when it came to getting jobs done: few people—in his mind—were thorough enough to ‘get it right the first time’.  Kim and her crew not only got it right, they carried out the job with the utmost kindness, compassion, and professionalism.  My uncle was delighted with the service provided and felt that he had made some special friends along the way. From our perspective they were prompt, efficient and met  every deadline. We were contacted immediately whenever unforeseen problems arose and offered a practical solution. Finally we salute their honesty which has been very evident throughout our engagement. We can’t  say enough good things about Kim and her wonderful staff.

Dave and Penny Marr



I was so impressed with the knowledge of how to go about downsizing.  The fact that no commission was taken from the proceeds of the estate sale and the entire profit went towards my bill was wonderful.  I would have no hesitation in recommending these great people to anyone who was in the market for this sort of service.

Ray LePage


I would very much like to thank Kim and her "Everything Organized*" team for helping me with a very difficult transitional move of my mother, from her rather spacious town home in Kamloops to "Berwick on The Park" a seniors facility also in Kamloops. Mom being a senior and fairly recent widow, and has been having difficulties coping in regards to taking care of her home and self due to some health issues. Mom has been wanting to move into a senior facility for some time now and when this opportunity presented itself it was the obvious choice, unfortunately when it came down to the actual move date, Mom became very distraught and confused. This is where Kim and her team stepped in, and made what would have been and impossible situation into a smooth transitional move. The move started at approximately 8:30am and by dinner that same evening Mom had her new home setup and ready to live in, furniture in place, ornaments in place, everything in place just like home sweet home. It wasn't easy to downsize sixty years of family heirlooms and furniture from a 2400 sq. ft. home to a 622 sq. ft. home, but Kim and her team did a fantastic job and kept the things that were most precious to my Mom close at hand in her new home. I consider myself a very fussy individual, not one to give credit where credit is not due, but I can honestly say I was very happy with the service that Kim's team provided, and would highly recommend their service.


Keith Aviss


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Frequently asked Questions

  1. Cost? Please contact us for a complimentary quote.
  2. Time involved? Time varies depending on the complexity of the project. Some projects are completed in as little as two hours, while some are 24 hours or more.  This will be discussed in your consultation phase.
  3. Does the senior have to assist? No.